Family Tree

Rule of Life: When boredom gets the best of you, make a family tree! :D

(*Note: The Rule of Life stated above is enforced and followed by those who really don’t have a life.)

Story of my life.


Click on image if you want it bigger.



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  1. Can we hear more about Eliwony and Esmerelda?

    • You will be hearing more about them, but not a lot since they are spares.

  2. How do you make this? I plan to make one when I reach Gen-2 YAs.

    • Uh, I do it in Microsoft Paint. :P

      • umwat. You can do this in paint yet I can’t do this on paper D’:

      • Hahaha, I’m just a pro, I guess. ;)

  3. Clears all crap up! :D thx!

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