INTERLUDE: loljk my life’s AWSUM

December 24, 2010 at 1:04 pm | Posted in Interlude | 2 Comments



Turns out it was because I had an old version of Twallan’s Story Progression mod, hahahaha. :|

Merry Christmas to me!


… Oh, and to you guys, too… I guess.



<3 Happy Holidays! :D


INTERLUDE: I hate my life.

December 23, 2010 at 8:29 pm | Posted in Interlude | 5 Comments

Okay, so, good news/bad news.

Good news: I’ve tried Echo‘s suggestion and manually uninstalled and then reinstalled my game, and it WORKED! :D

Bad news: After I replaced the vanilla copy of the game with my saved game, it stopped working. D:

Now I’m convinced it’s a CC problem and I’m going to have to go through my CC one at a time to see what the fuck is making my life so miserable. This is going to take a million years, at the least.

More Bad News: If this doesn’t work, I might die.

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