Ch. 20: I’m Still Here

February 19, 2011 at 4:05 pm | Posted in Generation 6 | 22 Comments

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And I seriously think I failed my AP English exam.


EDIT: Turns out I got an A. Just call me Einstein, nbd. Ignore the fact that my teacher added a 14-point curve.


So, like I mentioned last time, the Liddell’s got a new house.

Obviously, I didn’t make it because I’m Building-mode retarded. The download link can be found in 19.5

The house was left with an absolute MESS, though.

With all the alcohol laying around it looks like the remains of a frat house party.

Poca: “I swear, if this is piss… Someone is going to die.”

Oh, how convenient! A dead person! :D

DeadVampireLolaBelle: “Sup gaiz. I’m going to go sleep in the convenient previously-built vampire chamber beneath the workout room. Later.”


… And here’s Ariel Liddell as she gracefully steps out of the elevator and falls flat on her face.

Ariel: “My nose isn’t broken, is it?!”

… It does look a little flattened.

OWAIT, you were born that way.

Simba: “Having a muscular wife displease me.”

Pocahontas: “Okay you little shit. Grow up quick so Grandma can resume her date with the bong.”

Everyone: “HAPPY BIRTHD-“

Poca: “Peter grew up an hour ago, dumbasses. I swear, some of you are more senile than me.”

No, no, no. You’re doing it wrong. I said look CUTE, not like you’re going to murder someone.

Peter: “But bear suit? wat da fu-“


This house is a freaking gold mine. I mean, just LOOK! That is the most badass gnome I’ve ever seen.

He came with the name Blingaboo, but that doesn’t sound badass enough. Leave comments as to what I should call him, because although I have a Ph.D in Badassery, I am utterly baffled right now.

Shuffleboard is the new Foosball for old people.


Poca: “I’m going to get this one all the way to the three, just wait.”


He’s climbing in yo’ windows

He’s snatching yo’ people up

Tryna rape them so yall need ta

Hide yo’ kids

Hide yo’ wife


Nahhh, that’s just our new slut reincarnated as a black man butler.

We’ll call him Antoine for comedy’s sake.

Nala: “Hey bb. How ’bout we put this elevator to good use?”

Simba: “Rawrr

Nala: “What the HELL? Can we have some privacy once in a while?”

Hey- I’m just doing my job.

Nala: “Bullshit.” *Walks away angrily*

Simba: “Can… Can I have some of those pictures?”

So with the addition of both Ambitions and Late Night, I added some of the career lots and clubs the expansion packs had to offer into Riverview.

However, I don’t know how I feel about the Film lot recreating 9/11.

I also made Nala join the Ghostbusters career, which is

(totally awesome, duh)

I’m coming for you, Gracey.

Antoine is contaminating the minds of my sims.


John, you just retired! You should be celebrating!

John: “I should be celebrating because I now make significantly less than I used to all for the sake of sitting at home and rotting like a vegetable? Also, I now have to clean up this confetti mess you made.”

I thought it was festive.

Poca: “mmmm booze.”

Hey – Stop tampering with my shit.

Poca: “You expect me to just sit around and watch you waste water all day? Hell no. Reduce, reuse, recycle, mutha suckaa.”

Poca: “brb. I need to go talk to a tree.”

Kids, don’t do drugs.

Nala: “Hey… Hey, Simba. Guess what I am.” *Crosses eyes*

Simba: “Mentally handicapped.”

Nala: “Noooo, I’m doing the ‘I’m Pregnant’ crossed eyes, duhh.”

Simba: “Bitch, you crazy for getting yourself knocked up again when you have the Dislike Children trait, so I don’t see the difference.”

Sooooo I decided to finally try out the new clubs that came with Late Night. They’ve just been sitting here and gathering dust because no one in Riverview knows what to do with them. Fucking rednecks.

Cinderella: “Last one to get wasted has to live in an egg with Lady GaGa for a week!”

Nala: “That’s not fair! You know I can’t run when I’m pregnant!”

Esmeralda: “Bitches keeping me from my booze.”

Cinderella: “Oh crap. Let me out! I need to become pissed drunk before Nala!”

Elevator: “Whoever crosses these doors of death must answer a question!”

Cinderella: “Alright, shoot.”

Elevator: “WHAT… Is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Needless to say, she never made it out alive.

Nala: “I thought you were dead.”

Cinderella: “Oh, you would’ve liked that wouldn’t you?”

Nala: “Well yeah, cause now we don’t have a loser.”

Cinderella: “That can easily be fixed with a STARING CONTEST IN 3,2,1”

So I heard you lost.

Nala: “Don’t remind me. Hey, lady! I’m going to need enough alcohol to keep me wasted for a week, ASAP”

You shouldn’t be drinking! You’re PREGNANT

Nala: “Au contraire. That’s a perfectly good reason to drink.”

Esmeralda: “Dear lord, I’m too old to be partying like it’s 2012.”

Esmeralda: “What the hell? I need to start keeping track of what I put in my mouth.” That’s what she said.

Well, it looks like the Grim Reaper is actually Indiana Jones in disguise. Who would’ve guessed?

Indiana: “Don’t look, I’m naked.”

Indiana: “Esmeralda, you’re lucky you’re dying from old age. Much longer and you would be decomposing in your own vomit from alcohol poisoning.”

Esmeralda: “lolk”

Nala: “HULLOOOOOOOOOO I need to piss like a racehorse, and if I do not get to a urination facility soon, I will pee all over everyone in here.”

Wasted!Cinderella: “Prince Charming, is that you? You’re features look oddly feminine in this lighting. Come over here an’ gimmie a kiss.”

I don’t even know.

I started a band. They’re called the Mouseketeers.

Cute, I know.

So how’s the retired life coming along?

John: “Oh, you know. Sitting is this hot tub all day is just sooooooooo laborious.”

Yeah, dude, I totally hear where you’re coming from.

The Liddell’s had a party for some reason.

I don’t know. It was stupid.

Pocahontas: “Holy shit! I’M TRIPPING BALLS”

Nala: “hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

Peter: “y u no giv me attention?”


Simba: “Damn, kid. You’re a whiny-ass bitch, that’s why.”

Is this supposed to be sexy?

Nala: “What? No, I’m ju-“

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why you’d want to seduce me. If I could, I’d definitely have sex with myself. But you’re married and I’m not a lesbian, so I’m sorry, but I have to reject your offer.

Nala: “There isn’t even a point in arguing, is there?”

Of course not, because…

I’ve got all my gnomes lined up in a row! adurdurdurdurdur


Nala: “OHHH GOD. Your joke was so awful, it made my water break!”

That was my intent all along, duh.

Nala: “Don’t be smart with me, or I’ll go Chuck Norris on yo’ ass.”

Hmmm no thx. I’m going to end the chapter here. HA


Next: I See the Light





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    • YES! When I first saw it, I was like, “What is going on here…?!”

      • For the record, maybe it’s King Kong minus the monkey.

        Though in that case they should make the monkey.

        On the other hand, if you can buy the lot then you’ve got a nice set of sim boxes to trap people in.

      • Maybe… IDK. It looks like 9/11 to me, and you can’t unsee what you’ve already seen. /wise words

  2. “Don’t be smart with me, or I’ll go Chuck Norris on yo’ ass.”

    Nala is my spirit animal…


    • <3

  3. Yay, you’re back! I’m so excited.


    • It’s funny how you commented this four months ago… And I’m replying to it now.


  4. Yay! I’m all caught up! Sweet! I love this legacy so much. I sometimes get a little confused, but it’s nothing your family tree can’t fix! I LOVE the fact that you dress your sims after their character! It’s awesome! :)
    I was sad to see your amazing farmhouse go. It was amazing! Such a huge home!
    Not much else to say.. Hope to see another chapter soon! :)

    • Thank you! At first I wasn’t going to dress them up cause I thought that the only way to get downloadable content was through the Sims 3 Store, and I wasn’t going to waste my money on pixels, but then the online community started making free content, and I was like “OH HELL YES.”

      I know, me too. I was so proud of it cause I suck at making homes, and it was actually nice. I have it saved in the bin in my game. I was thinking of putting it up for download… one of these days…

  5. Where are youuuuuu?? :(

    • I’m right heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!! :)

  6. I just caught up and it’s so sad cuz now I’ll have to wait like 6 months for a new update. Lol.

    • But I’m not gonna hassle you or anything cuz I have my own blog and it’s annoying when people guilt trip me for not updating for a while. It’s like, I’m a busy person, k?

      • Don’t worry, you don’t have to guilt trip me, I already feel pretty bad on my own. :P

  7. AHHHHH I LOVE THIS LEGACY. I hope you cone back soon..

    • Well, it isn’t soon… But I’m still back!

  8. I just read this legacy in two days, and it’s awesome! Too bad you’re already on generation 6, that means it’s only 4 more to go, and they still look pretty normal…ish

    • Don’t remind me. I’m going to try and import some people form Twinbrook since they all look like they inbreed.

  9. Come back :(

    • I’m back! :D

  10. OMG MONTY PYTHON JOKES. I love it xD

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