INTERLUDE: I hate my life.

December 23, 2010 at 8:29 pm | Posted in Interlude | 5 Comments

Okay, so, good news/bad news.

Good news: I’ve tried Echo‘s suggestion and manually uninstalled and then reinstalled my game, and it WORKED! :D

Bad news: After I replaced the vanilla copy of the game with my saved game, it stopped working. D:

Now I’m convinced it’s a CC problem and I’m going to have to go through my CC one at a time to see what the fuck is making my life so miserable. This is going to take a million years, at the least.

More Bad News: If this doesn’t work, I might die.



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  1. That SUCKS D:

    That’s one reason I don’t have CC. I don’t think I would survive if it killed my game, which it most likely would.

  2. It could be that you’ve not updated your game to match whichever required for mods? I think you should try deleting them all at first, then adding them in one at a time. This is easier than going “cut, paste, game works, cut, paste”.


    These may help.

    I suspect it could be a framework problem too.

  3. :(

  4. I know you posted this like a year ago but I just like to ask if when you tryed making a new family or play a family and it loaded super fast and a pop up came up. Thats what’s happening to me and my legacy so help if you can!

    • No, that has never happened to me. I have had families take forever to load and then suddenly stop like halfway across the screen, but I’ve never experienced what you’re describing. I’m sorry I’m no help. D:

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