Ch. 15: A Star is Born

June 6, 2010 at 1:15 pm | Posted in Generation 4 | 12 Comments

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I want to play Ambitions with the Liddell’s, but I am forcing myself not to until I get caught up with this damn thing. blehhhhh

Do you like my title picture? DO YOU? I think it accurately portrays my feelings towards babysitters. Note the bottle of alcohol and the pedophile beard. That’s a marijuana leaf on the right, fyi.

Oh, and I made this with picnik, in case you couldn’t tell from the overall shittiness of the thing.

Slut 2.0: “Why don’t cha come ova here an’ use that smart mouth to gimmie a kiss?”

Sorry, I’m allergic to statutory rape.

As are the girls, as you can see.

Slut 2.0: “Y’all just need a little lovin’.”

No. We don’t. Really

But what we do need is a machine gun.

Phillip: “Alright, Poca, make a wish and then blow out the candles!”

Poca: “I wish-!”

Phillip: “That you will grow up to be butt ugly so that Daddy will become heir? I always knew you were my favorite child!”

Poca: “Fuck you, Dad. Fuck. You.”

Overall, I can see potential. But those damn eyes! Damn you Reginald for passing on your sexy eyes!

Phillip: “Woahoahh thurr. Is that wad of cash in your hand for me?”

Random Lady: “Uh, no, I was just going to bu-“

Phillip: “You were going to donate it to my campaign fund? You shouldn’t have! Thank you, my good lady! Have a nice day, and drive safely.”

Bri: “Hey you! Listen, I need you to run an errand for me-“

Maid: “No way. Nope. Nuh-uh. I heard what you did to the pizza delivery girl. You won’t cheat me out of my hard earned cash, lady!”

Bri: “And what will you spend it on? A lower-cut shirt and a shorter skirt to parade around town in with all the sickos out there?”

Maid: “No! I need-“

Bri: “Believe me. I am doing this as a favor to you. No need to thank me. Now get back to work.”

Phillip: “Woahh it’s my birthday and no cake? wtf, Kat, wtf”

Chill out, Mr. All-High-and-Mighty, you’re turning into an adult. You’ll look exactly the same.

Phillip: “When you say ‘exactly the same’, you really mean ‘sexy as hell’, right?”

No, I don’t.

Poca: “Lookie what I did! This is what those English men want to do to my forest!”

Poca: “And this is what I’m going to do to those bastards. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM”

Typical night at the Liddell’s. omg kill me now

That one on the bottom is LaShawn. He faints like every 2 seconds. Stupid ass.

Everyone in the household was going stir-crazy, so I sent the moms out with their daughters to the park for a little mother-daughter bonding… Only to have Aurora and Eilonwy completely ignore their kids.

Aurora: “Pfft. Bullshit. You can’t move your damn knight there! That’s an illegal move!”

Eilonwy: “Shut your pie-hole, babe. Who’s the genius here? This guyyyyy.”





Esmeralda: “Hmph. Whatever. Let’s see how they treat me after they wake up with sail boats jammed up their asses.”


Eilonwy: “And I believe that move is called ‘Check, mate’, my friend.”

Aurora: “That’s it, I’m calling my damn lawyer.”

Slut 3.0: “Ugh, what the HELL? I did not sign up for this! Right now I could be seducing the men in this household, dammit.”

What’s going on here?

Slut 3.0: “Oh, uh… Nothing. I was just- um. You know what? You look really sexy today, bb. Mmmmm.”

As sexy as this trash compactor that you just broke?

Slut 3.0: “Uh, sexier even. I mean, I do like my share of appliances, but… uhh…”

Why me? WHY?

Bri: “Okay, Esmeralda, blow out the candles! – No! Don’t touch it, you dumbass!”

Esmeralda: “Fiiireee…”

Um, yeah. I SUCK at making ugly sims. Poca wins. You lose.

Eilonwy: “I don’t remember your name, but you’re the father of my kid so we’re getting married.”

Tad Newbie: “lol k.”

And there goes the Newbie family. Good riddance to you!

Phillip: “You know, bb, now that Poca is heir, we need a spare just in case anything happens to her.”

Aurora: “mmmmm, I like the way you think.”

And now I bring you the mini-series: What Service Sims Think of the Liddell’s

Repairman: “They’re always calling me in the middle of the damn night to fix their fucked-up appliances and electronics, and you’re asking me if I like them? Screw you guys, I hate EVERYTHING”


Repairman: “o god don’t kill me”

Maid: “How do I feel about the Liddell’s? How do I feel about the Liddell’s? Just look as this shit-stack, that’ll tell you how I feel.”

Aurora: “I suddenly fell old, pregnant, and claustrophobic. Dammit, Phillip, back up! After I age I have a date with the toilet.”

Phillip: “D:”

Bri: “Why are his shorts so short? omg are those sequins he’s wearing?”

Aurora: “There is nothing wrong with a man wearing sequins.”

Bri: “Why is he yelling so much?”

Aurora: “Richard Simmons is a very excitable man, stop criticizing him!”

Bri: “Oh, I’m not criticizing him, I just want whatever he’s on.”


Poca: “But I dun wanna grow up D:”

Hmmm, too bad, Peter Pan.

I’m SO happy right now.

Poca: “Should I feel flattered or insulted?”

Aurora: “I’ll tell ya what I feel! I-“

Yeah, yeah, like a shark took a bite out of your stomach. We’ve all heard it before.

Aurora: “You ruin-!”

Everything. I know.


Why are you still alive? I think Bri’s like 113 in this picture.

Honey, hit us with a hallelu

The kid came shining through

Girl, sing the song

Come blow your horn

A star is born

In case you haven’t guessed already, this is HERCULES! :D

He is a light-sleeper and is friendly.


Esmeralda: *sigh* “What?”

Poca: “You have a new cousin!”

Esmeralda: “Really? That’s just… wonderful. Now le-“

Poca: “Aunt Eilonwy? OMG HAI”

Poca: “Mmmmmmm. Your hair smells sooooo good today.”

Eilonwy: “Stop that.”

Esmeralda: “My name is Pocahontas and I’m heir and I love nature so much that I screwed a tree branch last week.”

There’s nothing like Liddell family bonding. No sir-ee.

Bri: “Look out for that warthog behind you!”

Poca: “I’m trying, Grandma!”

Bri: “No! – Stick a grenade to it! MOVE! DAMMIT POCA, NOW THE OTHER TEAM HAS THE FLAG. U SUK”

Poca: “I tried, okay? I’m sorry. :(“

Bri: “You know what? Fuck this shit. Where’s my damn hookah?”

Pocahontas, where are you taking your brother?

Poca: “I’m going to school, and this house is not a suitable environment for a newborn to be cared for in.”

… So you’re taking him to school?

Poca: “Oh, no, silly! They would never allow me to bring an infant into school!”

Poca: “But they never said anything about bringing an infant outside of school.”

Oh, hur hur. You clever dog, you. -_-

Bri: “Psst! Hey… Hey, kid. You any good at video games?”

Esmeralda: “There’s no one else in the room. You don’t have to whisper.”

Bri: “Answer the question.”

Esmeralda: “I’ve had my fair share of killing sprees.”

Bri: “Excellent.”

Tad: “I’m old D’:”

Ohhhh! Look how cute! You two match!

Aurora: “This is not amusing.”

Bri: “I don’t know her.”

Old Lady: “Why, do my eyes deceive me, or are those Liddell’s acting civil in public?”

Lady: “I think it’s safe to say that you’re blind.”

Or slightly retarded.

Phillip: “Make a wish, Hercules!”

Hercules: *Is smothered*

Phillip: “You want me to make your wish for you? ALRIGHT!”

And the Douche-Bag of the Year Award goes to…

WOAH THUR EILONWY! It looks like you’re going to pop any second now!

Eilonwy: “Thanks. I hadn’t noticed.”

No prob. ;D

Next: Hellfire


Woohoo! Another chapter under my belt!

I don’t know when I’m going to update next, though. I’d say in 2-3 weeks, but, who knows, I may surprise you ;) (probably not, though).

P.S. – If anyone is good at photoshop and can make me an easy tutorial on how to sharpen pictures, add borders, etc. for me, I’d be very grateful. I want my blog to look nice for you guys, as opposed to shitastic, which, unfortunately, it is. D:



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  1. When’s the next update?

    • Well, I’m working on one right now, but I don’t know when it will be up. Soon, hopefully! :D

  2. … o___o. Again, where’s the next update? D:<. It's been months!

    • I just updated! I know that you posted this comment four months ago, but better late than never, right? :D ?

  3. RAWR! Rosie vants another CHAPTOR :k

    o_o Seriously, I NEED one.

    • I just updated! I’m sorry that it’s been six months. I provided an explanation at the end of the new chapter I posted. I hope you forgive me. :(

  4. Brianna looks like she is like getting chubby!

    • Hahaha, Bri was always chubby. She’s a couch potato so she gains weight easily.

  5. It’s been more than a few months ._. You don’t think… nothing’s happened to her, has it?

      Let me begin by saying I am completely fine… just busy with school and frustrated with my game. I provided an explanation for my absence at the end of the new chapter that I just posted.

      Once again I am very sorry! I don’t know when I’ll post next, but I promise I won’t stop this legacy, even if it kills me!

      • No need to be sorry D: I just thought that since you mentioned something about a cyst once and this being a really long time since we heard anything from you… I worry about people I never met and never will ._.
        Awesome though, you go and kick that legacy and all the game’s problems in the ass!

      • Awww that’s so sweet of you. :) My cyst has not been I problem since I had surgery on it, and it will likely never be a problem again.

        I will try! But it’s being SO GODDAMN STUBBORN UGHHHHHHHHHHH *cries*

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