“To All Who Come To This Happy Place… Welcome.”

August 17, 2009 at 3:27 am | Posted in Introduction | 3 Comments



It’s official.

I’m doing it.

A legacy.

God help me.

I’m terrible at introductions. If I were a sim I’d have the trait “mean-spirited.” People tend to think I’m a sarcastic bitch because, in all honesty, I am.

Which is why I decided to write a legacy. Smart-ass comments are funny, and it’s time for a legacy with some real sass in it.

And, to make things better, I’m doing an Uglacy. Because I like to screw things up. Besides, where’s the fun in making pretty sims? Yeah, I can’t find it either.

I’m going by the official rules by Pinstar because I’m too damn lazy to read any others.

Oh, by the way – I’m Kat.

START at the beginning!

That way, when you get to the end you’ll know exactly where to stop.



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  1. Hello Kat!

    Wow. Nice start by the way. I have only just found your legacy and figured out how you have laid it all out.

    Now, shall I start now?

    (By the way, I’m lizziemay from boolprop)

  2. YAY – cant wiat to read it. Going to go off now and read the whole thing x

  3. […] Legacy? (I watch a lot of soap operas and USA shows – Trust me, I can do this) Should I do an Uglacy? (I’m awesome at finding ugly sims. I’m so pro at that shit.) Poll at the […]

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